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We have created a singles apparel company to support and encourage real-time, real-life exchanges for those who are single and looking. We believe there are amazing single people in this world living behind their screens. Our intention is to provide a medium that encourages face-to-face hellos, eye contact and a simple phrase like “Nice Hat”. You never know when or where you might meet that special someone – sometimes all it takes is 5 seconds of insane courage.

Get off of your phone and into your life.

When you see our product.

By wearing a NICE piece, you are stating you are a confident, good person open to connection and meeting new people which will add to your already rich and fulfilling life. We aspire to become the staple symbol for those who are single and looking. Be creative, be friendly, be yourself!

Swans mate for life and when together they complete the international symbol of love. As a solo swan we are all just looking for the other half of our heart. This is why we chose the solo swan as our symbol.

Yes, of course you can buy a ‘NICE’ product. Feel free to buy NICE products as gifts for your single friends to aid them in their journey of finding a life partner.

With RESPECT!  Start with a ‘Hi, that’s a Nice Hat you’re wearing’ or ‘Hey, Nice Toque’ and if the person rocking our wicked gear continues the engagement then we have done our part to help you, now it’s all up to you to keep the magic alive! Keep in mind that wearing NICE products is an opportunity to meet other single people with the hopes of elevating that relationship.  If your first engagement isn’t respectful you probably won’t have much luck finding a partner.

YES! New products are always evolving. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming product releases!

Yes, we plan to.  Currently we are navigating through the red tape that is COVID but please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming events!

Send us an email with all of your questions and we will set you on the right path!

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    • Copyright Singles Apparel 2021