The Swan

The swan is a symbol of grace, devotion, love, fidelity, peace and partnership. When placed side by side they complete the international symbol of love and make the shape of a heart. We are all curious about our matching swan and what qualities they may bring to add to our already fulfilling lives. This is why NICE Singles Apparel proudly rocks the swan as our logo and a declaration of our belief in the power of genuine partnership. If you notice the swan symbol out and about on an article of clothing, you know you are around likeminded individuals who are also in support of a swan love story.

Also, cute fact, swans mate for life. Beautiful.

Our Story. Our Intention.

It all started on a hike…and per usual, we were outdoors doing what we love, but something was missing.  Sure it’s great to get out and experience life with a good friend but finding a significant other in today’s day and age seemed to be more tricky than it was in High School or University. Yes there are dating apps and businesses designed to find love – are they working for you? The last few years we’ve tried them, and found that there is nothing genuine or natural about them.

What happened to meeting people organically? Can you say hi at the grocery store? Is it socially acceptable to approach a group of women hiking? Where are the wonderful single people hanging out? Unfortunately, a lot of them are sitting behind their phones because it seems to be the only way to meet new people these days.

Dating in 2020 can be challenging…. relying on technology and dating apps to meet single people make it hard to get a true vibe off somebody and they create a cold and impersonal first impression. Online interactions don’t allow for the thousands of cues that body language can give us when chatting in person with someone you’ve just met. Also, who has time, how long do you message before meeting, nobody wants a penpal etc, etc, etc.

We wanted more. So we created our NICE collection by Singles Apparel with the mandate to get intimate, open the doors to in person communication and get vulnerable and brave in the pursuit of connection and partnership.

Singles Apparel is getting back to and encouraging the ‘old-fashioned’, ‘organic’, and ‘natural’ way of meeting other humans. People still go out and do what they love. The intention of our brand is to help people confidently state that they are open to connecting with other people while they are out doing what they love.  If you are out for a hike, a walk, at a pub for a drink, whatever it is, and you see a singles apparel item, it is a welcomed sign that people are open to say hello. Whether it ends up being a brief exchange or it turns into a coffee, there is no pressure and you can be satisfied you took a chance. The goal is to lean into conversation and meet the people around you that also believe in reviving the art of face-to-face interaction. Who knows, you may meet your swan partner or a like-minded person to build and grow your community.

Wear a hat (or future product) and open the door to possibility. Let’s unite and get to know each other. The opening line will always be “Nice Hat” so you don’t even have to think about it. We are building a network of open-minded, kind and hopeful individuals that believe their lives are as wonderful as they are but would be enhanced by finding a special someone.

Welcome. Join us. Get off of your phone and into your life. Let’s make this world a little NICE‘r.


Cheers. To Love. To Hello. To NICE HAT.


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    • Copyright Singles Apparel 2021

    • Copyright Singles Apparel 2021